Your lawyers want to see you.

What made you go into the basement?

Gregge isn't the man that he used to be.

Hugh hid it behind the door.

Yeah, something like that.

Do you like pineapple drinks?

Brender certainly brags a lot.


The teacher teaches.

Are you going to go anywhere this summer?

Kissing a person who smokes is like licking an ashtray.


The girl playing the piano is Akiko.


Such a small world!

I'm glad you remember.

Kirsten and Andrea are in the cafeteria.

This analysis is divided in two parts.

Will you try this on for me?


He put his affairs in order.

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I want to talk to you about something.

According to the TV, it will rain tomorrow.

Get off my back about my personal life!

She is constantly writing letters.

Are you going to tell me the truth?

I won't stop you.

He will show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the one desired by women, nor will he regard any god, but will exalt himself above them all.

Little Venusian politely asks for the toilet.

I will study abroad when I have finished school.


Kent is a born leader.

He will not have given you anything.

Is it true that men have oilier skin than women?


He is rich but he is none the happier for his wealth.

That's exactly what might happen.

I have lost my key.


I don't need to be here anymore.

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I hope you're feeling better.

You have a hard day ahead of you.

People came running out of the burning building, screaming.


We have something even better.

Would you like a drink while we wait for the others to arrive?

Jitendra did what he had to do.

I have your tickets.

My father bought me the book.

He is seldom home.

I don't like the way you look.

My mother will be expecting me at any moment.

Not a seed at home, but call me Bajirao nonetheless.

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I share his political perspective.

What happened to my treehouse?

I'm a free man, Dan.


This play has no humor in it.

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He's very good at playing baseball.


Louie put the dishes in the dishwater.


I told her what was going on.


What's the name of that restaurant?

He was not able to do what he wanted.

It is necessary that they see a doctor.

He watched the horse race with his binoculars.

They're attacking us.

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Where do you go more often, Boston or Chicago?

Linda owns a theater.

It's 5 something.

I cannot roar like a lion. I'm a jackal.

I checked on Bertrand's background and he seems to be a well-respected man.

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You can never catch Case off guard.

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A man drew near.

Is there a park near your house?

My brother Annard's wife Martin's father, John, is visiting from Boston.

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What we say and what we mean are often quite different.

I don't know where he is!

The gold rush began here.

That was the most interesting film that we had ever seen.

Edward was holding a small box of stuff.

Beware of smooth talk.

Lou went into the conference room.

They did not oppose the project because they feared public opinion.

I've got a class in a few minutes.

The philanthropist had made billions of dollars from selling software and was now unstinting in his efforts to combat several debilitating tropical diseases.

Give me a break, would you?


Louise and Earnie are both good swimmers.

I don't know why Jock did this.

Joon said something really stupid.


I know atheists that have more humanity than all these religious and these socialists.

Your parents can't keep us apart forever.

The lessons of the second chapter are easier than those of the first.

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I need to find the keys to my house.

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The prefectural governor got the upper hand in the July elections.

I can't give this dictionary to anyone.

There's fuck all to do around here.


One of her four sisters has passed away but the others are still with us.

Have you heard from the rest of the team?

Sriram reluctantly assisted Dorian to escape police custody.

I feel I could've done better.

Can the crisis be overcome?

The main thing on Tatoeba is not to utter ideas above your stomach and below your knees.

What is Jonathan doing here?

Roman took off his shirt.

The jury found that Samsung had infringed upon Apple's patents.


A stranger came into the building.

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I spent the afternoon cleaning my office.

We should not lose courage.

You can't fight such a defeatist approach.

I had no other choice but to do it.

I accused her of having stolen the bike.

What the hell do you want from me?

According to our bargain, you have to pay half.


Naim had bags under his eyes after several sleepless nights.

You can always rely on her.

You have a very nice room.


I speak Gibberish best.

I don't like waiting in line.

Of course, I remember them.

What's your favorite salad dressing?

Oliver measured the windows for new drapes.


I'm special.

The student who finishes the examination first does not always get the best grade.

Martha's face is red.

Unfortunately he's a little too narrow-minded to accept these changes.

I've been very busy the last few days.

Breathe in deeply.

When will Yuko come to Denver?


They're going to shoot her.


I wonder what Harry is thinking.

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Jamie said he couldn't wait much longer.

It wasn't bad at all.

Two thirds of the time I'm around translating sentences or adding new ones.

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City dwellers have a higher death rate than country people do.

I can sense your hesitation to tell the truth, but you have to do it.

You look nervous.

Before that, we had better make sure of the fact.

We're just wasting time.


How do you know someone is a runner?

Matthias doesn't buy bread.

Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian of all time.

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What movie are you planning to watch?


I have no intention of answering that question.

The Maldives is called "Dhivehi Raajje" in Dhivehi.

Kriton and Israel became best friends.


Had the elephant and the giraffe not had common ancestors, how might one possibly have observed that they had an exactly equal number of vertebrae in their necks?


That is always great fun.

"Who is in the car?" "Tharen is."

That's Floria's sister.


I think we should all go together.


Students arriving late will not be permitted to enter the hall.

His cries for help were drowned by the roar of the surf.

Juliet and I have been friends since high school.

I want to please you.

What did you say these are called?

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Ritchey probably knows what to do.

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I am indignant.

His project was funded by grants.

He's reading a novel.

"Death Note" is one of my top ten favourite TV series.

I guess it won't matter.

Takeuchi is more popular than I am.

I never wash the dishes unless my mother tells me to.

It takes about 15 minutes to get to my office.

Her gown was a cheap affair.